Using Office365 email with Websphere and Maximo 7.5

We’ve been running Maximo 7.5 at work for some time now and we needed to start using the email functionality for send out notifications.
This requires some setup to be done both in Maximo and in the WebSphere console.

Maximo Setup

Navigate to System Configuration -> Platform Configuration -> System Properties. You have to set some values for properties to let the system know how it should be sending emails. These are:
mail.smtp.port 587
mail.smtp.ssl.enable false
mail.smtp.starttls.enable true
mxe.smtp.password [the password for the account you are using to send the notifications]
mxe.smtp.user [the email address for the account you are using to send the notifications]

Save these changes and reload them in Maximo. Now you’re half way there.

WebSphere set up

Now I thought the settings for Maximo would be all I’d need to get email notifications working with Websphere but I was wrong. You have some more work to do!
Sign in to your websphere console and navigate to Security -> SSL certificate and key management -> Key stores and certificates -> CellDefaultTrustStore -> Signer Certificates.
Click Retrieve from port and enter the following details and click Retrieve Signer Information.

Port 443
Alias office365

After the details are successfully retrieved, click OK and then save the changes to the master file and you’re all set!

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